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Commerce Post #1

This post is for buying, selling, and trading dragons and anything else. Due to the nature of making business deals you will probably need to post logged in and out your FR account name.

Commerce Rules
-Try to be reasonably polite.
-If someone asks for something specific don't offer if you don't have.
-If someone's scamming/being a dick, report it.
-No obnoxious coding, and post the SMALL versions of your dragon images if you would be so kind.
-Linking this around so it gets more traffic would be rad.
-Note that lending things (items, dragons, whatever) to other users is not protected by Flight Rising's TOS. If someone doesn't return your stuff, the mods on FR will not help you get your thing back. Still, if someone rips you off on here report it to me anyway and we can build a wall of shame.
-Don't do anything that will necessitate me having to put you on the wall of shame.

Internal Links:
(if it's not covered by this, feel free to make a new thread or jam it in under the closest of these.)
Selling/Trading Dragons
Selling/Trading Items
Looking For Dragons
Looking For Items
Single Dragon Personal Ads
Request A Thread Not Listed

Useful Links:

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